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The Luxury Apartment Trail in Mohali and Zirakpur

Luxury Apartments in Mohali and Zirakpur

In the Real estate market of Mohali and Zirakpur, one segment that is the most consistent in terms of demand and sale is the luxury segment.

When I say luxury segment I mean apartments that sell for more than 1 crore rupees.

Ever Since the lockdown opened, the luxury real estate market has seen one of its strongestperiods of growth.

There are very few ready to move luxury proects in the Tricity and most of what was left in the reasy to move category was consumed during the last six months.

There are very few good units left in the luxury segment, ready to move, category in the Tricity.

There are many projects which are under construction and are promising to deliver in the year 2023.

Luxury segment clients in Zirakpur and Mohali

I understand that luxury segment clients are savvy and sophisticated and usually can make a decision quickly about what they want.

Anyone who is spending such a large amount of money is definitely very smart.

Maybe, smarter than most.

Here are the services I offer to my luxury segment clients:

  • No hassle policy
  • Information about the good, the bad and the ugly of a property
  • Pre and post-sales services
  • Presenting options from the market along with the relevant research on all aspects of a property
  • Price negotiations. I offer the best price guarantee on select luxury properties in Zirakpur and Mohali.

The luxury segment in Mohali and Zirakpur

If you are looking at spendnig upwards of 1 crore rupees, you should be looking at properties in Zirakpur and Mohali both.

While Mohali is certainly more planned and more posh, new projects in Zirakpur can surprise you.

For example, you can get a spacious 4 Plus1 BHK in Zirakpur at a price lower than a 3 bhk in Mohali.

Why the difference? Location.

The amenities are comparable and the features that are being planned are futuristic in new projects in both Zirakpur and Mohali.

There is a new Low rise luxury township coming up on the airport road.

There were no luxury units in the low rise segment until now. I seriously believe that this project will be a blockbuster in the luxury segment.

Another trend that is fast emerging in the local luxury housing is the trend of furnished apartments wherein you just have to bring your belongings etc and not worry about getting the interiors done.

Luxury Apartments in Zirakpur Vs Luxury Apartments in Mohali

If you are looking at luxury properties I would presume that price may not be a very big factor for you to decide on a property.

However, If you are looking at luxury properties in Zirakpur or Mohali you should consider the following points:

  • Zirakpur offers more value for money and better potential for capital appreciation on your investment
  • Choose a brand instead of a standalone property- Zirakpur Tops Mohali
  • Luxury is not always bigger
  • Minimal upkeep, privacy, good maintenance and technology integration are as important as the size
  • Compare luxury projects on open areas, parking, size of the society, medical facilities and distance from major destinations.

How can I help?

I am a real estate blogger working in the Zirakpur and Mohali real estate for quite some time now.

I can help you shortlist the properties, get a good price and provide pre and post sales services.

I request you to spend some time surfing my blog. I am sure I can add value.

You can read about me here: About

My favourite luxury apartments

All right, here are my product recommendation:

Luxury Properties in Mohali

  1. Marbella Grand
  2. The Medallion
  3. JLPL, Falcon view

Recently JLPL has launched the JLPL Galaxy Heights 2 which is again a very good investment option.

Luxury Properties in Zirakpur

  1. Sushma Belleza
  2. Uptown Skylla

You can call me on 6283060221 for more information on Luxury apartments in Mohali or Zirakpur.

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