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Sushma Group Zirakpur now sells exclusively through Authorised service partners. Call- 6283060221

Things to check before buying Low rise flats in Zirakpur

Sushma Group , which is the largest real estate company of the region, now sells its inventory exclusively through Rera approved Sushma Group Zirakpur Authorised Service Partner

Affiliates or service partners play an important part in selling the inventory of any major brand, be it amazon, flipkart or in this case builders in Zirakpur.

Affiliate model is a proven business model and I have discussed how this applies to real estate in my previous blog titled Sushma Group Zirakpur Authorised Service Partner

This policy has been implemented since 21st July.

In my view this policy is a positive step towards improving market sentiment.

I have written earlier about some uncomfortable truths of the zirakpur real estate industry.

I think this policy will help deal with some of the issues mentioned in the post.

How does this policy benefit the customer ?

I think customers are the biggest beneficiaries of this announcement.

As I have written earlier, Most real estate deals ( almost as high as 95%) in Zirakpur and Mohali happen through service partners.

Whether the customer knows it or not is another matter.

Knowingly or unknowingly most deals happen via a service partner. How and why is a wider discussion that needs much more than a blog.

This policy of selling inventory through service partner will encourage transparency and fairness in the sales process

Will the customers pay more ?

Plain and Simple: NO.

If anything customers will have greater transparency and greater control over the sales process.

Since a customer is free to choose a trusted service partner, shady and unethical players will have to mend their ways or have to just pack their bags.

I dare say but this policy will ensure the customers get the services that a service partner is supposed to give.

Customers will also pay less since they can compare prices with different service partners and choose the ones that offer the best rates.

I find it pertinent to mention that I am an Sushma Group ZIrakpur Authorised Service Partner and I offer a best price guarantee on select real estate products in Zirakpur and Mohali.

How? I have written about it here in detail

You can get in touch with me on : 6283060221

I have also written some blogs on the same topic. Interested readers may read them here:

I hope you can see the information provided in these blogs has proved useful.

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