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Summer Season Has Arrived in Punjab

Technically, we are in the spring season and the weather is supposed to be sunny and pleasant in the Tricity but it seems like the summers have arrived earlier than usual this year.

Ever since February end the temperature has been rising and people have have started using AC’s at homes.

In the car you will not be able to sit without the AC, It is that hot now.

Chandigarh region sees the summer from March through September with June and July being the hottest.

So basically, 7 months of hot summers.

Well, I always write about Real estate in the area but I sometimes forget that this is more of a hobby blog rather than a profession where I need to be strictly professional and only write about Real Estate.

So I decided to be a bit more informal and write this blog.

I am going to write about my experiences of summers in the region.

Let me start with some things that I am looking forward to this summers.

The Mangoes

Like 99% of the people, I am also very excited that I will be able to enjoy mangoes in the summer. I am also excited that my son who is 16 months old will be properly able to enjoy mango’s this time since last year he was too small to appreciate the mango magic.

I am sure he will love them.

Also, on the menu will be Litchi’s and later peach and plums. Himcahal Pradesh, the fruit basket of India, is nearby and the quality of stone fruits one gets in the markets is pretty great.


Kasauli is the favourite summer destination for people from the Tricity.

During peak summers it is difficult te get a hotel room in Kasauli because many people travel frequently to Kasauli to escape the summer heat in the plains.

Fortunately, my home is in the Kasauli hills and I travel there every month.

The morning and the evenings in Kasauli hills provide a welcome break from the sweltering areas of the plains.

Ganne Ka Ras & Lassi

There is nothing that can beat the taste of a cold glass of Ganne ka ras on a hot afternoon.

Summers are incomplete without the ganne ka ras.

Another regional speciality is the Lassi. Although, beware a nice big glass of lassi will make you very sleepy during the afternoons.

Extra time in the Morning and Evenings

I for one definitely feel that I am more active in the summers than in the winters.

Somehow the cold acts as a deterrent for my creative juices to flow and I feel a general lethargy during the winters. Summers however are better and give me extra time during the mornings when I feel I am the most productive.

I can use this extra time for a multitude of things and I am excited to try out some new things this summers.

I think I will dedicate atleast 1 hour each day for my physical fitness. Summers allow me that extra time.

A lower floor

Fortunately, My apartment at Highland park is on a lower floor and I am expecting that I will have to use the A.C only sparingly because lower floors in a high rise generally do not get too hot.

There is proper ventilation and open green spaces around so I am expecting a smooth sailing hopefully.

This blog is a little off topic from my normal real estate theme but I think people also need to know about the city and the daily life in the Zirakpur city.

If you are reading this blog from an outstation and are thinking of moving to Zirakpur or Mohali, you should read some of my previous blogs

About Me

I am a real estate blogger writing about the real estate scene in Zirakpur and Mohali.

I will help you shortlist projects and get a good rate on the apartment of your choice.

I request you to kindly spend some time reading my blogs and you will get a good idea Zirakpur and the real estate scene in general.

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