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Sample Flat Vs Actual Flat

This blog post is written with a background in mind.

I see many first time home buyers get enamored with the sample flats of the real estate projects they visit. While this is not a generalisation my estimate is almost 80% of the people who buy apartments make up their mind withing the first three minutes of seeing a sample flat.

While I can understand the excitement of a new house, this blog post will serve as a reminder that all that glitters is not gold.

What is a Sample Flat?

Sample flat is a representative flat made by the builders to showcase the final look of the flat the builder is selling. I am sure most of the readers must have seen one while touring a real estate developer.

Builders make a sample flat to give the customers an actual feel of the apartment.

One thing you need to know upfront is that sample flats are often designed by interior designers and while the dimensions may not change in the actual flat there is a definite difference in many things that one needs to notice.

I will expand on thi point further below.

The need for a sample flat

Customers do not understand the layout on the brochures and a sample flat is required to showcase the space.

It is difficult for the builder to sell his inventory without a sample flat.

Similarly, it is also very difficult for the customers to imagine the layout and most end users I know would not invest in a property without seeing the sample flat.

Many investors however do not care if a sample flat is available or not because they can get a pretty good deal from the builder when the project is at a nascent stage and when the sample flat is not made.

Seven things to note in a sample flat:

There are some things that one should be aware of in a sample flat:

  1. Mirror on the wall: you must have noticed that many builders use a mirror in the sample flat, especially in the drawing-room. A mirror makes a room look bigger than it actually is.
  2. No Doors: More often than not there are no doors in the sample flat this gives a feeling of more space in the sample flat.
  3. Height of the flat: In some cases, the height of the sample flat is higher than the actual flat although it is rare.
  4. Customised Furniture: The furniture in a sample flat and the furniture in your house is different. The sample flat furniture is customised by an interior designer to fit perfectly in the apartment.
  5. Posh Feeling: The fit and finish of a sample flat are far better than an actual apartment. The builder spends a lot of money on making the sample flat as attractive as possible to impress customers.
  6. Premium Fixtures: The kitchen equipment, the chandeliers and the bathroom accessories are absolutely top of the line and are not necessarily the same that will be used in your actual apartment.
  7. Light makes the difference: The lighting in the sample flat makes the apartment look more premium. The lights may not be the same in your apartments.

So basically all these above things make the sample apartment look premium. The readers should keep the above factors in mind while visiting a sample flat.

If not the sample flat then what?

A raw flat that is under construction will definitely appear smaller than it really is. One should not reject an apartment by seeing a raw flat.

The best indicator of an apartment is an actual flat with paint done and in the condition that the builder is going to deliver.

Another very good way to gauge a builder’s quality is to visit the previous projects delivered by the builders. It is especially true in the case of bigger builders. Society maintenance and build quality will tell you a lot of things about the builder.

If it is a first time builder then you need to be careful about the construction quality especially in the case of a low rise society.

Some most common questions regarding the sample flat?

How much will it cost to make the same flat ?

A Lot. You can get a similar thing done at less than half the cost if you are willing to set aside some time to get the thing done yourself.

The sample flat is expensive because an interior designer was used to make it and almost everythig is custom made.

Can you buy the sample flat?

Most builders are willing to sell you the sample flat at a premium but you will get the posession only after the project is almost sold because the sample flat will be used as a showcase to other buyers.

Will I get the same flat ?

No, and you will probably not get most of the things in a sample flat. Kindly try and see an actual apartment if you can.


I hope the readers would have got a good idea of the things to consider while seeing a sample flat. My intention with this blog is to educate gullible customers.

I hope you liked this blog.

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