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An analysis of Riverdale Aerovista

Riverdale Aerovista

Riverdale Aerovista is a housing project located in village Dyalpura Zirakpur. The project neighbors Block G-Aerocity, Mohali, and offer plots multiple housing options such as plots, villas, and apartments to homebuyers.


To be honest it took me quite a while to warm up to the product. There were many reasons due to which I never visited the project.

I have written very sparingly about plots and as such, I am not really a big fan of plots available in Zirakpur due to various reasons.

Riverdale Aerovista started as a mixed residential development of plots Villas and low rise apartments. It was a mix and match sort of a Township which really did not appeal to me.

A few days ago I started hearing some ramblings about some high-end inventory coming out at Riverdale Aerovista so I decided to pay the project visit.

This blog will detail my findings and my experience and I hope the readers will benefit from my review of the project.


Riverdale Aerovista is a residential township situated at village Dayal Pura, Zirakpur.

Many people do not know that this project is not situated in Mohali but in Zirakpur however, the location is such that one can not really distinguish between Aerocity and Riverdale easily because both places are very nearby.

Almost a hundred families are living on the premises and more are expected to come soon.

Most of these families are living in the low-rise apartments, delivered in the first phase. The company also had 8 readymade Villas of 116 square yards each which are all sold now. (next possession is approximately 10 months from now)

How to reach?

The site office is located approximately a hundred meters from the main airport road or the PR7 road as is commonly known.

The township is a further 800 to 900 meters inwards from the office. The approach road can be a bit of a downer for some but the Builder promises that 82 feet wide Road will be connecting the Township to the airport road and that this road has already been passed.

In my opinion, the location of the project is convenient and you won’t find in my view better-plotting location anywhere on the airport road stretch from Sector 82 to Zirakpur except Aerocity of course.

If you Driving to Zirakpur from Mohali take the left turn from the light just before the Patiala crossing on the airport road and you will reach Riverdale Aerovista.

In case you wish to visit you can WhatsApp me here and I can send you the location and staff details on site.


As mentioned above Riverdale Aerovista is divided into multiple phases.

Let us discuss briefly the different phases of the township.

Phase 1

The company launched plots, villas, and low-rise floor apartments in phase 1.

Phase 2 extension

At the time of writing of this blog is to extension is awaiting approval but the staff told me that the phase 2 extension will include plots and Villas.

Phase 3

There is only a limited number of plots available in Phase 3 at Riverdale Aerovista in phase three. It sold out quite quickly at the rate of approximately 39900 rupees.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is awaiting RERA approval at the time of writing this blog. I will update the blog as soon as I receive the rera details of this phase.

Most likely this phase will consist of low-rise apartments and villas which will be 150 to 250 square yards in size.


In the first phase, Riverdale aerovista has delivered 8 very good villas in 116 square yards. The current inventory for villas at Riverdale aerovista is as follows:

  • 117 sq yards villas in 10 months
  • Bigger size villas expected in phase 4


Low rise Apartments at Riverdale aerovista, in my opinion, provide a good value for money option for those looking for a location close to Mohali.

You can get better apartments in Zirakpur, but if you are looking for low-rise apartments Riverdale aerovista should be on your list of Apartments to watch out for.

These apartments provide a good value for money or budget alternative to apartments in Mohali.

These Apartments are also a part of the massive Riverdale aerovista township and there is nothing of this sort that can compare in the surrounding region.


Plots at Riverdale aerovista sell out fast.

The company is coming out with the fourth phase which will offer bigger plots.

I think the location of the Riverdale aerovista plots is very nice and will be suited to those looking for a budget-friendly option near Mohali.

The pricing is much less than Aerocity plots so if even if you are looking for a plot in Aerocity if it please take a look at what Riverdale avesta has to offer.

Something to look out for : Google reviews

One thing I am concerned about is the Google reviews of Riverdale aerovista. If you take a closer look at the negative reviews many customers who claim to be residents of a previous project that the builder has delivered complain that the Builder has not fulfilled his promises.

It is my habit to look at Google reviews before buying or searching about a product as these are quite often the the most impartial of the reviews. I recommend that you take a look at these reviews and make up your own mind. You can take a look at the Riverdale aerovista Google reviews here

Plots rate comparison with Aerocity

As I mentioned rates at Riverdale aerovista are quite less compared to plots in Aerocity.

If a customer is looking for value for money then they can look at Riverdale aerovista since it is not too far from the Aerocity and offers the same connectivity options, yes it is in Zirakpur and thus the lower price but if that does not matter to you then Riverdale aerovista is a good option.

Price appreciation

The first phase of plots at Riverdale was launched at 18000 rupees per square yard. Currently, these are selling at almost 40 thousand rupees per square yard.

The villas in the first phase were sold at 65 lakhs and now sell for 1.10 Crores so you can look at the appreciation that the project has gained over the years and in my opinion this appreciation will continue until the rates match Aerocity.

The reason is that this there is not much that differentiates Aerocity plots from Riverdale aerovista plots besides the fact that one is in Mohali and the other is in Zirakpur.

The final word

Riverdale aerovista is a decent product that has an even better Phase 4 inventory.

Spacious and big Villas, big plots, and big low-rise apartments will attract people due to the location of the project and also because such inventory is not available on the airport road.

I recommend that you visit the project once and I can help you set up a meeting with the team at Riverdale aerovista.

Click on the WhatsApp button below and let me know when you want to visit or if you need any other details.

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