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Are you a serious buyer? Visit on weekdays and not on weekends

Weekend Vs Weekdays Visit to a real estate project

Many working people visit the projects on weekends and not weekdays.

It is understandable since busy work schedules do not allow enough time on weekdays.

It is also to be considered here that buying a house is a pretty big decision and you should take out some time for this decision.

In this blog, I am going to present an argument that visiting a project on weekdays rather than weekends is much more beneficial to the customers.

Disadvantages of visiting on weekends

Sales person at the projects are the busiest on weekends. You must have noticed that Saturdays and Sundays especially are the busiest days of the week for any sales team.

The sales team have a set sales pitch which can explain the features of the project best.

This sales pitch takes some time and weekends are not an ideal time because the sales person is under pressure to attend as many client as possible on weekends.

The second big disadvantage is your own time.

Generally, home buyers come with a set mindset of seeing as many properties as possible on Sundays. This is a wrong approach in my opinion.

Ideally, you should spend at least one to two hours on each property you visit.

For companies such as Sushma Buildtech which have multiple projects, You should ideally take out 3 to 5 hours to understand the investment options.

Another disadvantage of visiting on the weekends is that since the builder’s sales team is busy you will not get the time to leverage on price and negotiations.

Advantages of visiting a project on weekdays

There are many advantages of visiting on weekdays.

Starting with social distancing, since we are living in covid times, It is much easier for you to maintain social distancing on weekdays when there is no rush at the builder’s office.

You will also get more time with the sales staff to ask questions and understand the project better.

Lastly, if you are going to negotaitae a price, w Sushmeekdays will provide you with a little bit of a leverage and time to negotiate prices.

How can you take out time?

See, there are two different ways for you to visit a project on weekdays without disturbing your work routine.

You can set up an early morning meeting or a late evening meeting with any of the project staff easily.

Most projects would be more than happy to accomodate your request for such a meeting.

My personal preference is an early morning meeting when the mind is fresh.


In my opinion, it is better to visit a real estate project on weekdays rather than weekends.

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