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Real Estate investment advice for Armed Forces Personnel

Chandigarh region( Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Derabassi) is home to a lot of ex-servicemen.

I have written a whole blog about it, Kindly read when you have some time: 5 Reasons Armed Forces Personnel Choose the Tricity

Apart from living here themselves, many officers invest in the local real estate to create an alternate source of income once they retire.

This real estate investment is sometimes also intended to create another source of revenue for serving officers.

Mostly this investment is in residential real estate where the investor gets a monthly rental.

But could you get a better investment option?

This post explores this topic.

About Me

I have worked with many serving and retired service personnel in helping them make an investment in the Tricity area.

You can read more about me here: About

Most officers Invest in Residential Real Estate

Highland Park Zirakpur

Residential real estate is considered a safe investment. The rental scene in Zirakpur and Mohali is okay.

Generally residential real estate will deliver a 3 to 4 % yield on investment. The benefits of a residential real estate investment are as follows:

  • It is considered a safer investment
  • It is a relatively simple to understand option wherein the transaction with the builder is one time
  • An asset in the form of an apartment is created wherein one can at a later stage move themselves

Most officers make an investment in real estate when they are at the rank of a Captain or a Major. Some do it at a later stage as well but I am speaking about my general experiences.

For example, if a Major with 20-25 years of active service left buys an apartment but will not be able to stay in that apartment for the foreseeable future due to service postings so giving the apartment out on rental is the only option left.

Other Investment Options For Officers

Commercial investment is a good option for those who have the patience and the aptitude to understand the maths behind the investment.

You can expect much better rental yields on a prudent commercial investment. I have already written a blog comparing Residential Vs Commercial investment in Zirakpur and Mohali, Interested readers may read this blog for a detailed comparison.

Keeping in mind the investment horizon and the objectives, a commercial investment may suit some cases.

Is buying land a good option?

If creating an alternate source of income is your motive then buying a piece of land is not a good strategy.

The land is a dead investment unless you want to build a house and give it on rent.

The land is open to encroachments and all other sorts of hanky panky mischief if it is left unattended.

Yes, If you are looking for a house for yourself you can consider buying land in a good society.

Unfortunately, getting good plots in a secure neighbourhood is a very difficult job because all the good plotting is already sold and new plotting societies cannot come up in good locations.

These new societies are located in outer areas where development will take some time and the surrounding areas may not be planned.

Under construction or ready to move

Another question that I regularly get is if an under construction or a ready to move property is suitable for investment.

If you want to have a comfortable payment schedule and the builder is trustworthy, I think a construction linked plan will offer you the following three advantages:

  • You will get good capital appreciation on an under-construction property
  • Construction linked plan offers flexibility and a bigger amount is broken into smaller payments.
  • If you need some minor modifications (not structural) in your house, you can get them done in an under-construction property


An under-construction property runs the risk of being delayed. That is why you should work with specialists to identify good builders and good products.

Another risk in an under-construction property is human nature. Once you have invested in a property, other properties will start looking attractive 🙂

Ready to Move Property

Ready to move property is ideal for an investment whose primary aim is rental returns. I am speaking this entirely in the context of an investment for armed forces personnel.

There are plenty of good projects in Zirakpur, where the demand for a rental property is quite high.

For more details on the rental scene in Zirakpur, kindly read my blog Rental Apartments in Zirakpur.


There are some great investment options available in the market and my purpose in writing this blog was to educate the officers of the armed forces that there are other options besides residential apartment incomes.

I hope I was able to provide some value with my blog.

In case you need to get more details and want to speak kindly feel free to get in touch with me on 6283060221. You can also fill-up the form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

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