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Decoding the role of a good property dealer in Zirakpur

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Have you been looking for a property dealer in Zirakpur ? Are you a little apprehensive and have questions ?

In this blog I aim to address a few concerns and also put forth my view on the role of property dealers in Zirakpur.

Let’s be honest, the word Property Dealer in or a real estate consultant does not evoke positive emotions when you hear it.

The unregulated market place of real estate allowed many dubious characters to become agents and promote opaque practices.

I am quite aware that many people think that property dealers are an unnecessary step between the builder and the client.

This however, cannot be farther from the truth.

A good real estate agent is an asset that could prove the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful investment.

The role of a property dealer in Zirakpur

Here are 5 reasons to choose a property dealer in Zirakpur:

  1. Local expertise helps you in identifying good projects
  2. A lot of time is saved
  3. Price negotiations are better and easier
  4. A dealer can coordinate better with the builders
  5. Post sales services help save a lot of troubles

I work as a property dealer in Zirakpur with all the major brands of the Tricity. Feel free to get in touch with me at 6283060221.

Almost 90 to 95% of the real estate deals that happen in the Zirakpur and mohali region happen through property dealers.

Channel partner sales are the biggest source of conversions for the builders and majority of the companies work on the sale through channel partner only route.

Sushma Group Zirakpur is an example of the companies that prioritize service partner sales.

Think of a real estate agent as a marketplace for different products. Once you apply all the filters a good agent will give you a list of products that suit your requirements.

The filters could be of price, location, inventory, possession date etc.

Ideally, A real estate agent should act as a guide and in some cases the executioner of sales deals on behalf of the clients.

A good property dealer has a pivotal role in the pre and post sales service and liaison with the builder. This is important because sometimes the sales team do not communicate properly with the customer post sale.

I have written a detailed blog post on Zirakpur and Mohali for those who are from out of the city. This blog post will give you detailed information on Zirakpur and all the related aspects. You can read it here: About Zirakpur and About Mohali.

Trust is the most important factor in choosing your agent

Always do business with people you trust.

This trust is hard to develop initially but a telephone call or a first meeting usually gives you a good gut feel about the person.

Only If you feel that you trust the person you should go ahead and talk about your needs.

Honest and clear communication about location, budget, type and timing will go a long way in an agent’s understanding of your requirements and subsequently the options he presents to you.

The agent will then prescribe products with builders whom he trusts to deliver quality and on time possession.

Five Ways a good property dealer in Zirakpur can help you

1. Expertise

A lawyer can’t do a doctors work. Expertise is important.

A good real estate agent is well trained and aware about the builders profile and previous record of delivery.

He is also aware about the prevailing market sentiment and the quality of construction.

You will be well served to have a good advisor that can make you aware of different aspects of a purchase.

2. Time Wastage Avoided

As an individual there is only so much that you can do.

A good agent will help identify a good location and a variety of projects for you to choose from.

This will ultimately lead to a good selection of relevant options for the homeowner, thus saving time and effort for the customer.

3. Price negotiations

Once you have decided to purchase a property, A good agent can help negotiate a good price for you.

Property dealers in Zirakpur, as mentioned above are a majority (almost 90%) source of sales for the builders so a good agent can sometimes get you a great price which normally may not have been possible.

An agent works daily with the builders and has a good idea of the margins and the negotiations.

An agent sells multiple units with a builder, the margins for an agent are good and you can get a good deal through an agent.

4. Co Ordination With The Builder

Builders and the sales staff at the project have multiple clients to deal with and may not be able round the clock to deal with the queries of an interested client pre and post sales.

Multiple things like payment issues, other issues can be solved with the help of an agent seamlessly.

Some builders are sometimes not very transparent in their working and this may act as an irritant for some.

5. Post sales maintenance

After you have booked a flat and have moved in, there are generally multiple issues that may need fixing.

The builders may or may not be very receptive to these complaints of your. A good agent can help sort out the initial maintenance issues with the help of the builder and without much hassle to the customer.

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