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Homeland Regalia – A Comprehensive Review

If you have followed my blog you would know that I have written extensively about the real estate scenario in the Tricity.

I have been roaming around and trying to find the best luxury properties in the region because many of my readers and customers are based in other cities and countries.

At the outset I want to let my readers know that I have been using the term “Luxury apartments” rather loosely until now.

This is a phenomenon that almost every person associated with the real estate industry suffers from. They use the term Luxury too loosely.

However, after visiting Homeland Regalia, I now realize this mistake and promise I will reserve the term Luxury sparingly.

In a way my definition of luxury has been changed

Homeland Regalia has been one of the most awaited luxury project in the region. The tagline of the project is Limited edition residences and I believe it is true.

About Homeland Group

Homeland heights has very quickly become a landmark in Mohali. Anyone who has travelled on the airport road knows the Homeland heights building.

This project is home to some of the most influential residents of the Tricity and more.

The group counts many NRI’s, Bureaucrats, Businessmen and celebrities among its customers.

The general consensus among the real estate professionals in the tricity is that Homeland Group is the gold standard of real estate builders.

The homeland group has delivered a couple of really stunning projects earlier, These are:

  • Homeland Heights, Mohali
  • CP 67 ( Luxury Commercial )

Homeland Regalia Location

Homeland Regalia is being built at sector 77 Mohali.

Homeland Regalia is situated very close to the group’s existing project Homeland Heights.

Sector 77  lies on Airport road Mohali and is counted as one of the most prime locations in the city.

The airport road is the arterial road that runs through many important sectors of Mohali and connects the city to Ambala- Delhi highway, airport, Manali and other important destination.

Regalia is situated very close to Fortis hospital Mohali. It is only about 3 kilometers away.  Max hospital is also very close.

Other major landmarks such as the Mohali stadium, schools and colleges are also just a stone throw away from Regalia.

The area around the project is developed already. There is no high rise projects adjoining Regalia. As you can see in the picture below a row of low rise houses line parallel to regalia’s plot.

Total Area

Homeland regalia has a total area of 4.58 acres.

There are a total of 6 towers and all the towers are dual core i.e. have only two flats on one floor.


Homeland heights has some of the biggest and most spacious apartments in the region. I am listing below some of the apartment sizes:

  1. 2058 Sq feet: 3+1 BHK
  2. 2700-2800 square feet: 3+1 BHK
  3. 3700-3900 square feet: 4+1 BHK
  4. 4200 square feet: 4+1 BHK
  5. 4500  square feet: 4+1 BHK
  6. 5000 square feet: 4+1 BHK
  7. 5500 square feet: 4+1 BHK
  8. 6500 square feet  : 5+2 BHK

Homeland Regalia Possession Date

According to the builders Homeland Regalia will be starting to offer possession by the end of year 2025. You can also check more details about the project on the Punjab RERA website here: PB RERA 

Although the timeline is pretty optimistic I am inclined to believe the builder here because the builders have a strong financial background.

Need More Details?

In case you need to have a further conversation regarding Regalia kindly feel free to get in touch with me and I can put you in touch with the management at Regalia.

When I visited Homeland last week I met Mr. Kushal Bansal, who is the General Manager, Sales and Marketing at the Homeland Group gave me a guided tour of the property.

In my frank conversation with him I was very impressed with the vision behind Regalia.

If you want to get in touch with him let me know by clicking the WhatsApp button below and I will share his number with you.

My take on Homeland Regalia

Homeland Regalia is certainly the gold standard for luxury projects in the region. I will expand on this statement in another blog very soon.

However, one thing is very clear. It is certainly a product that is not for everyone.

Only the connoisseurs of fine things in life will be buying this project.

If budget is not a concern for you and you want to buy a great product with a reliable brand  then Homeland Regalia definitely should be on the top of your list.

Even if you are an investor you can the best in class rental yields and capital appreciation on this project.

Even if you don’t end up buying Homeland Regalia you should definitely visit because Regalia is coming up with many first in class features that you will not get in any other luxury project in the region.

To Be Updated…..

Homeland Regalia

However, after visiting Homeland Regalia, I now realize this mistake and promise I will reserve the term Luxury sparingly.

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