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New Residential Projects in Zirakpur

If you are on this blog you must be looking for looking to invest in a property.

Most people on my blog come when they are looking to purchase a property and I want to let you know that if you need guidance or advice kindly feel free to get in touch.

I am a RERA certified agent and will help you get your dream house without the usual quackery you associate with property dealer in Zirakpur.

There are a couple of excellent new projects coming up in Zirakpur and I am really excited about it.

I have been seeing the real estate market in Zirakpur and Mohali evolve for a long time.

One thing I have noticed is that Mohali always had better projects in terms of design and amenities until very recently.

These new projects however are going to completely change that and sway many a customers from Mohali towards Zirakpur.

All park facing units, double car parking and fully furnished homes are the new flavor and the customers are loving it.

If you want to invest in such a property a an early stage do get in touch.

I assure you these are top builders and top projects.

Where are these new residential projects coming up?

There are a couple of locations in Zirakpur that are going to be the next hot points for real estate projects.

Patiala road and Highground road are where these new projects are coming up and both these locations inspite of their shortcomings are still one of the best locations in the city.

I have written a detailed blog Analysing the top 5 locations for Home Buyers in Zirakpur which some of my readers might find useful.

There are a few new developments in the pipeline that will make this area very attractive in the times to come.

What is the expected rate at launch?

The era of low prices in Zirakpur is over. New projects are coming up with better amenities, furnished options and better amenities so the prices are higher.

A few days ago I had written a blog on Why most builders have increased prices in the Tricity? and it is quite apparent that market has taken a turn and lower prices are definitely a thing of the past.

Do check the following project:

  1. Ananta Aspire Zirakpur
  2. Trishla City Zirakpur

The expected rate at launch will be circa 5000 to 5200 rupees per square feet. You can expect a lot of amenities in this price.

How are these projects different from existing ones?

As I mentioned earlier these new projects are much better than existing ones in terms of amenities, design and parking.

There is a new trend of bigger apartments with false ceilings, equipment and automation which you can expect in all these new projects.

I also know of a project that is offering double parking and it is one of the best upcoming residential projects in Zirakpur.

Is it wise to invest in Zirakpur?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new property in Zirakpur or in Mohali I would recommend that you seriously consider these projects.

If you get in early in these projects you can expect a good price appreciation and a better inventory.

Zirakpur has fast emerged as one of the fastest growing cities not just in the region but also in the country.

In spite of all its shortcomings, Zirakpur is an attractive investment destination in my view.

It is also a city that will keep rising and improve after many of the new infrastructure projects are executed.

So, if you need an investment adviser or want to invest in these projects feel free to get in touch and we can discuss in more detail.

Thanks for reading my blog.