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My customer service philosophy is Extraordinarily simple- Honesty is the best policy

I have written a blog Titled Do You Need A Real Estate Consultant in Zirakpur?-Expert Speak.

I have been working as a real estate agent in Zirakpur for quite some time now, You can read more about me here: About

I have been blessed to get some great reviews from my customers over these years. You can read my google reviews here : Flatooz Google Reviews

Why Transparency is a prized possession in the Real Estate profession ?

Real Estate is not like any other retail business.

The ticket size is big and in majority cases it is is a purchase that will be done only once in a person’s life.

This is true more so for lower middle class and inventory below 50 lakh rupees.

Real Estate involves a multitude of factors such as Legal, Financial, Construction, Possession, Payments etc.

Because the stakes are so high, transparency and customer trust is of paramount importance in this industry.

I always strive to provide honest advice and clear communication so that my clients are able to make an informed decision.

The role of my Education

I have an MBA degree from University of Otago, one of the best international universities in the World.

University of Otago is ranked among the top 1% universities of the world (QS World University Rankings)

My undergraduate degree is in hospitality and hotel management from IHM Pusa, New Delhi again a top ranked college in the country.

So my education plus my basic nature allows me to analyse the client’s needs objectively and provide great service and solutions.

Post Sales is the most important aspect of a Relationship

My experience tells me that a customer needs a real estate agent most after the sale has happened.

Builders may not be able to provide a level of service that an agent can. I have always maintained close relationships with my client post the handover as well.

Wherever possible, I have tried to act as a buffer between the builder and the client and provided solutions.

Choosing the Builders in Zirakpur

I personally visit the previously delivered projects of a builder, Check :

  • Rera certificates
  • if the government banks are doing loans,
  • Market reputation of the builders and
  • The views of the people already living in the society.

I may not be a 100% right all the time but I do have an informed opinion about the projects generally.

I work with builders who, I believe, will deliver a quality product to the customer.

I have written a detailed blog post on Zirakpur for those who are from out of the city. This blog post will give you detailed information on Zirakpur and all the related aspects. You can read it here: About Zirakpur

My Views on the Zirakpur/Mohali Real Estate Market

I think the coming year will bring lots of good investment opportunities for the real estate sector in Zirakpur.

Property prices in under construction projects, Especially on the airport road, will appreciate considerably but that will only spur the demand.

I have written a decent blog on if this is the right time to invest in Zirakpur, You can read it here: Is this the right time to Invest in Zirakpur and Mohali ? An Expert Analysis-November 2020

You may also want to read about the 3 Most Important Rules for Investing in Zirakpur Real Estate-Expert Advice

My Value Preposition

I bring to the table, a good professional approach and an honest feedback mechanism for homebuyers at no extra cost to them.

My only expectation from the customers is clear honest communication and trust.

You can read about how I work here: About

Do get in touch with me and spend 5 minutes on a call, I am sure I can add value.

Get In Touch

You can get in touch with me on : 6283060221

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