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Is Sunlight a factor for you while purchasing an apartment ?

I find that many people, while searching for an apartment specifically look for houses that are well lit and well ventilated.

Roughly, almost 70% of the people I meet,want their apartments to be well lit and well ventilated.

For the other 30 % it is not really a decision making factor.

Benefits of Natural Light

Sunlight is an important part of our lives. Sun is reverred as a deity that provides energy and light and many people perform Surya Aradhana in the morning.

Apart from physical benefits, Sunlight also provides numerous psychological benefits.

I find that natural light lifts my mood and provides me energy to get up early. Even if I am feeling lazy somedays the sunlight helps create a sense of urgency to wake up.

Natural sunlight strengthens the immune system and boosts our energy level.

Zirakpur and Mohali- Sunlight Situation

Zirakpur is a place where almost 8 months out of 12 are sunny and hot.

The temperature gets to around mid 40’s in the summers.

With the help of solar panels you can lower your energy bills in a significant way in ZIrakpur or Mohali.

However, some people may also want to consider if a really sunny apartment inn Zirakpur is a wise choice? The right answer varies from individual to individual.

Natural Light, Sunlight and Ventilation

It is important to understand that all these three things are not the same.

During the summers a very well ventilated room migt be troublesome :)

The point is one needs to have a vision for the house one is buying.

For example if you are buying a 3 bhk apartment you can think of an apartment where in all the rooms have balconies, Kitchen included.

Then next you can focus on sunlight in two rooms and proper ventilation in all the rooms.

This is a good observation point for you when you go for a site visit.

If you are only looking at a sample apartment and not at an actual apartment then be mindful of the directions and make a mental note after confirming with the sales person at the site.

Windows Direction Guide apartments in Zirakpur and Mohali

  • East Facing windows are the brightest in the morning and are ideally suited for someone who likes to wake up early. The sunlight received through such windows will not really heat up your room.
  • Westfacing windows again will not heat up your room at most times because these windows will receive sunlight only in the evening.
  • South-facing windows get a lot of direct sunlight and tend to be the brightest during the day. South facing windows will raise the temperature of the apartment since the rays comin in are the hottest of the day.
  • North-facing windows tend to not have much direct sunlight at all, and therefore will be a more darker but even-lit room. North facing windows are perfect for people that don’t like too much direct sunlight.

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