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I forgot to get these 7 things done before moving in!

7 things to fix before moving into your new apartment

Are you planning to move into a new apartment? I did recently move into a new apartment and forgot to take care of small but essential works before moving in. Trust me it is very difficult to get these things done once you have moved in so try getting this work done before you move in. Writing this blog so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

Here is a list of things you should get done before moving into your new apartment

  1. Get the mesh doors made and fixed.
  2. Get the curtain rods fixed
  3. Insta a doorbell, internet, lights, fans etc.
  4. Install the Water RO
  5. Install the Dish
  6. Check the door handles, wardrobe handles, washroom fittings
  7. Apply for an electricity meter beforehand.

Ok, now let us discuss these points one by one. I am going to share the time and money I spent on getting these things fixed at my apartment.

Mesh Doors

Mesh doors are essential in most Indian cities since mosquitoes are common and it is really important to keep the house insulated from them especially if you have small kids as I do.

One thing that most irritates me is the red mark of mosquito bites on my baby’s skin.

I live on the fifth floor and Zirakpur is blessed with a nice breeze all year round.

You would want to be able to keep your door open so that your rooms stay naturally ventilated.

So mesh doors are important here.

I got two mesh doors made for two of my bedrooms and it cost me 8000 rupees per piece. The carpenter took 4 to 5 days to get these made and fixed.

No builder, as far as I know, provides mesh door as a standard fixture in their apartments. One needs to get these made from local carpenters who make a killing on these.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are another essential piece that you will require in your house when you move in.

You do not want to be staying in a house without the curtains as I did. Trust my wife made sure I did not hear the end of it.

A curtain rod comes in a length of 12 feet. There are different variations such as brass, iron, steel.

I paid 120 rupees per 12 feet piece plus 100 rupees per unit fixing charges for the curtain rods.

I think I got the iron curtain rods because they looked good and I didn’t know any better but the steel rods were 270 and 250 apiece.

I also think that the shopkeeper who I was buying all this stuff from pulled a fast one and overcharged me a bit.

Doorbell, Internet, Lights, Fans etc

All essential items will take up quite a lot of your time when you start doing them one by one.

You will need to buy holders ( If you don’t have a false ceiling, LED’s or ceiling lights, apply for an internet connection ( In my society, I got the Airtel net in a day after submitting my request).

Lights and fans are as essential as curtain rods and should ideally be working when you move in with the family.

The electrician charged me 50 rupees per piece for installing LED lights and 200 rupees per piece for installing fans.

Water RO

Water RO will take at least a day to be installed after you put in the request. It can be done instantly but to be on a safer side one day is a good estimate.

It cost me 250 rupees to get the RO installed and I heaved a sigh of relief when it was done because without drinking water one cannot survive a day.

TV Dish

I paid 250 rupees as reinstallation charges for my airtel dish. It took one day and approximately 300 rupees of wire.

I used to live in a duplex before this and the dish didn’t need too much of a wire. My current accommodation is in a highrise and it needed additional wire.

It took me one day to get the day fixed after I lodged an installation request

Door handles, wardrobe handles, washroom fittings

These items will come fixed but the reason I am writing it here is that you will need to ensure these are fixed properly and in working condition.

These small items are most vulnerable to bad workmanship and it is best advised that you check these items beforehand so you do not keep running after the maintenance team after moving in.

Electricity Meter

After you have registered your apartment you will need to apply for an electricity meter in time for you to move in.

Keep a time period of 30 days at least although it may be done in 15. It took the department 25 days for my meter to get installed.


I hope this blog has given you some idea of things that you will need to fix up before moving into your new apartment.

If you want to add a few more points kindly feel free to add your comment below.

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