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Himachal and Zirakpur- A Never Ending Love Affair

Zirakpur has attracted a lot of families from Himachal ever since the development begain circa 2005.

There are multiple reasons why families from Himachal buy a house in Zirakpur or mohali.

First of all, for families from himachal Zirakpur is their second or third home.

The first home is in the village from where the person belongs, the second home is usually in the city and the third home is in a city such as Zirakpur or Kharar or Mohali.

The Two Himachal’s

People from Shimla, Solan, Kinnaur etc. Majorly prefer Zirakpur for their investment mainly because it is closer to their side.

People from other side of Himachal such as Kangra, Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur etc. prefer Kharar for the investment since it is closer to their side.

These are the general trends though. Not everyone from shimla buys a house in Zirakpur.

The Budget Issue

Since this is the second or the third home for Himachalis, many people do not want to spend too much money on it.

Many people come here with unrealistic expectations on price and get disappointed when they cannot select good properties due to higher prices.

My Advice to People from Himachal

I am from Himachal myself and have helped multiple people get properties in the Tricity.

Here are my 5 most important advices for Himachalis looking to buy a property in Zirakpur:

Always Invest in a Brand even if you have to extend your budget a little

Bigger brands have their reputation to maintain thusin most cases they work according to rules.

Smaller builders have nothing to lose hence they sometimes bypass the laws and foll the customers.

I know of many customers who have been a victim of such tactics by the local builders.

Peermuchalla, Kharar etc. are the hotbeds of such shady projects.

Do not buy land unless it is in a society with security

If you are going to treat the house in Zirakpur as a second home where you will only come during winters or where your kids will study and will not be permanently inhabited, you are better off buying an apartment in a gated complex rather than your own house/land in an open society.

Do not fall prey to property scamsters

Do not under estimate the importance of security and amenities for your house.

Do not buy resale properties

Unless you know the owner personally, I would seriously recommend buying a property in resale.

There are reasons which i won’t be able to mention in this post because it is a whole different topic together but resale for me is a big no.

Another reason I don’t recommend buying resale properties is this: The best part of an apartment’s life is the initial 10 to 15 years.

In a resale the best part of an apartment’s life are already gone.

You will be buying a product that could be on a downhill or full of unforeseen problems.

Do not speak to multiple people

When someone searches for a property from Himachal, they leave their number and are then flooded with unwanted real estate calls.

I offer a best price guarantee on select reputed projects in Zirakpur and Mohali

When you finally come down to see the properties, in the background multiple people are fighting over your visit claiming you as their client.

Speak to one person otherwise you may get confused and get a case of analysis paralysis.

You may think you are visiting the projects directly but infact in 9 out of 10 cases you are speaking to a channel partner.

Even if you manage to visit the project directly, there is a high chance that you will be put in a dealer’s code by the sales manager at the project.

I have written a blog detailing these uncomfortable truth’s of the Zirakpur industry here

Do not finalise the property in one go

This is one of the most important mistake that some people make.

Because they are travelling from far away they think they should look at the properties in a hurry.

Some, not all, are impulsive and make a decision to buy a property on the first visit.

I would not recommend doing so. In my view, you should visit a property at least thrice before finalising.

Always choose a society with a good maintainence

I have written a detailed blog on the importance of good society maintainence.

This is one of the most important point to be considered while buying a property in Zirakpur or mohali.

If you have a long term vision of keeping the property you should invest in brands that have a good maintainence policy.

About Me

I am from Kasauli in Himachal pradesh and I have done my schooling in Shimla.

You can read about me in detail here

I have helped multiple people from Himachal buy good apartments in the tricity.

feel free to get in touch with me at 6283060221.

You can also leave your number in the form below and I will get in touch with you.

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