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Highway Property or A Non-Highway Property?

Highway property Vs a Non Highway property

When it comes to buying a property, location is one of the most important criteria to be taken into consideration. The location also contributes the most towards the pricing of a unit.

One question that confronts most home buyers is whether to buy a highway or a non-highway property?

It is wiser to buy a non-highway property because of cheaper price, lower air and noise pollution and better social infrastructure surrounding the projects.

There are many types of locations but for the purpose of this blog post I am going to consider two main types of locations: one that is on the highway and the other that is a little away from the highway.

For example, Zirakpur near Chandigarh has three main highways crisscrossing the city. All these three highways crisscross each other within a radius of approximately 2 km.

These three highways are:

I have written a blog post detailing the top location to buy a house in Zirakpur, interested readers may read that post which goes into more details about the locations.

Let us now discuss some main differences of a highway and a non-highway property

Air and Noise Pollution

A non-highway property is a lot quieter than a highway property. Air and sound pollution both are less on a non-highway property.

I used to live on a highway property and the traffic at night used to be a nuisance. Ever since I moved to a non-highway property I am very happy that the only noise pollution I now get is the noise of the peacocks in the mornings.


Land is one of the most important components in deciding the price of a residential unit.

A builder factors in the land cost into the pricing of the unit and it is often one of the most overbearing cost for a builder

A land near a highway is much more costly than a land that is further inside.

This price difference also reflects in the pricing of the apartments.

For example, In Zirakpur a non-highway property is offering a 1700 odd square feet property at the rate of 64 lakhs approximately and a highway property is offering a 1600 odd square feet unit at approximately 70 lakhs.

The facilities and amenities at the non-highway property are much better than the highway property.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then a non-highway property is the way to go.


Highway properties offer easy access as compared to non-highway property. For people who travel long distances to work or for those who get a pickup from the office, a highway property may be much more suitable.

However, a word of unpopular advice- In smaller towns such as Zirakpur or Mohali where the maximum you will have to drive in from the highway is 5 or 10 minutes, does it really matter that your property is away from the highway?

This is something to really ponder about.


A non-highway property offers a much greener and cleaner view as compared to a highway property.

I have observed, although I may be wrong, that non-highway property have more open spaces around them.

Highway properties are situated in an area with already developed infrastructure and buildings so they may not have green open spaces around them.


Traffic jams are a reality and no one seems to have an answer on how to solve this crises.

Inner-city traffic could be more unruly and troublesome than highway traffic although jams on highways are more common.

One needs to consider the traffic situation and upcoming development or proposed projects while considering the traffic issue.

If there is a proposed plan for a road that will decrease the traffic in some years you may want to factor that into your plan but do not make it a deciding factor.

Infrastructure and Shops

Generally, a non-highway property will offer better access to schools, hospitals, shops, etc. A highway property will not be able to offer such access.

On some highways, it may be difficult to find affordable public transport such as autos. You may always have to rely on Taxis or your own private transport.

Highway properties, sometimes, are situated at places where the development will take another 5 years to happen so if you do not like such locations then you may want to consider a non-highway property.


 Highway PropertyNon Highway Property
Air & noise pollution Prefer
Price Prefer
Greenery Prefer
Traffic Prefer (in most cases)
Infrastructure and Shops Prefer
Overall Prefer

Like everyone else I too have a preference for a particular type of property. In my view, a non-highway property is better than a highway property. I have mentioned the reasons above as to why I think so.

If you have anything to share kindly comment below and let others know what you think.

In case you are looking for an apartment in the Chandigarh, Zirakpur, or Mohali region kindly feel free to get in touch with me or book a call and we can take it from there.

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