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Sign up for the Flatooz Email List- Support and Reward Honest Real Estate Practices

I am starting an email list where in you can expect updates on new blogs, product recommendations and interesting insights on the local real estate in Zirakpur and Mohali.

I get many queries via my blog for product queries, recommendations and reviews.

There are many people who are savvy investors and are always on the lookout for a bargain on pre launch offers.

Such people or anyone in general who is interested in wealth creation or Real estate will find signing up for my email list useful.

You can sign up for my email list here:

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Here’s 5 compelling reasons you should sign up for my email newsletter:

Relevant Local Content

If you spend some time on my blog and my google reviews you will find that I have been trying to present a fair picture of the real estate scene in the area and I have always tried to keep the customer’s interest at the center.

I write relevant local content about ZIrakpur and Mohali that many users fins useful while they are searching for a home.

I request you to kindly spend some time on the blog and read my blog posts to under

No Intrusion on your privacy

Email is the least intrusive yet one of the most effective form of communication.

By signing up for an email list you are practically not losing anything unless someone spams you with irrelevant and incessant emails.

My monthly newsletter will only go out maximum twice a month and only once a month initially.

Great offers on pre launch units

If you are an investor and are always on the lookout for some rewarding real estate investment opportunities then my email will definitely be a useful tool for you.

Investment opportunities on pre launch units is where most of the money is made in real estate.

A real estate product goes through 4 to 5 price appraisals and pre launch unit holders enjoy all of that price appreciation.

Support & reward fair practices in real estate

By signing up for my email list you will be rewarding my efforts to create a transparent and sustainable blog that benefits many homebuyers in the region.

I have been writing content that has helped many people become aware of some bad practices in the industry.

How will your signing up to my bloog will help me?

The biggest strenth for any blog or content creator is it’s dedicated readers or subscribers.

The bigger my email list grows, the bigger my readership will grow.

I will get more confidence in creating new and useful content independently.

You subscribing to my email list is equivalent to you subscribing to a Youtube channel.

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