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Do you receive Excessive calls for Real Estate? Read this.

If you have ever searched real estate products on popular real estate portals or if you have ever visited a real estate project in Zirakpur or Mohali you must already be aware of the deluge of calls that follows such an event.

You may get irritated with the calls but the truth is you need to be more selective in who you give out your number to if you are someone who does not like receiving excessive calls.

Salesman’s Perspective

A real estate salesman is just doing his or her job in following up for a visit which may eventually lead to a sale.

The more the number of calls the more the chances of contact and success.

According to this article

  • Calling three times is 68% more effective than calling once
  • Calling six times is 94% better calling once

This same research also reveals that leads contacted after the the 6th call are 45% less likely to to convert than leads contacted prior to that point.

Follow up is just a apart of an average salesman/woman’s job at a real estate project in Zirakpur/Mohali.

Customer’s perspective

While the salesman is just doing his/her job a customer may get irritated due to the incessant sales calls.

Let me list down a few major reasons of why are receiving so many sales calls regarding real estate projects:

  1. Be aware of fake project websites : There are multiple fake websites set up by individuals who pretend to be sales staff of the projects but in reality are not. My Advice: Explore the website properly and be aware of who you are getting in touch with.

If the website clearly mentions that they are a consultancy (usually in the footer of the website) you can go ahead and get in touch with them.

2. Big Real Estate portals sell your data to projects and agents for money: The biggest and most probable cause of you receiving multiple calls is likely to be one of the big real estate portal that you may have left your number on. These real estate portals provide data to agents as a package.

3. You have visited multiple projects and left your number there and the sales people are just following up

What can you do to avoid excessive phone calls

What can you do to avoid excessive calls

Leaving your numbers is a necessary evil and you cannot totally avoid leaving your number on some sites.

Ideologically, I am opposed to it because I believe in free will and I provide the most detailed property description blogs on my Properties page

The best solution to avoid excessive calls is to agree on 3 things with the person you give out your number to:

  1. Accept that taking feedback is their right and that you will be happy to respond via a mode of communication of your choosing. This mode can be an email, a whatsapp or a call
  2. Agree on the timeline of the follow-up. For example, The sales person can contact you after 10 days of your visit or your last communication
  3. Do not speak to multiple people regarding the purchase of the property: The more the people you speak to for the same project, more the number of calls you will receive. Shortlist one person and move forward with that person. Trust until proven otherwise. Do not respond to lies, evasive and wrong information.

One negative point, apart from the obvious irritation, of excessive calls is that it leads to confusion and it results in a phenomenon known as Analysis Paralysis.

Analysis paralysis is a situation wherein an individual is unable to make a decision, as a result of overanalyzing data or overthinking choices often due to confusion.

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