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Commercial investment vs residential investment

If you are looking to invest in Zirakpur or Mohali and are looking for some investment advice then this blog post is the right page for you.

There are multiple reasons for making an investment in real estate.

Some do it because they need returns, some do it because they want to create an asset and some do it to upgrade their lifestyle.

Usually the first question that comes to mind, while planning an investment, is whether to invest in a residential or a commercial property

In this blog post I have delved into this topic in minor detail.

I have listed down some major comparison points from the point of view of an Investor. Let’s begin:

Return on Investment

Let us take a case study where in an investor wants to make investment of 50 Lakh rupees.

For any residential property in Zirakpur or Mohali you can expect a yearly return of 3.5 to 4.5 % in a good scenario.

This income would be rental income and you would need to let out to individuals who you may have to chase for rent.

Now for an under construction commercial unit you can get a return that would be much higher than the return on residential property.

There are multiple commercial investment options in Zirakpur and Mohali that will offer you good returns, a lease guarantee and a buy back in some cases.

Your investment should be immune to delays in construction

If you are on a plan that is giving you consistent returns, you need not worry about the construction delay.

You get assured return until possession. This sort of a return is currently only available on commercial units and select residential units.

A delay in construction is quite a stress causing scenario and a cause for worry for an investor.

Due diligence and proper checks and balances have to be done in order to make an investment.

Some people prefer renting to companies rather than individuals

A commercial investment will make it easier for you to collect rent according to contracts.

Multi national companies look for showrooms or office spaces in good LEED certified buildings and I suggest that you always invest in a commercial property that has all the relevant green certifications.

A residential investment will work on rent agreements and you may have to ask for rent in some cases.

Investment can be changed into another investment

This point needs a detailed discussion but I will give you a brief idea here.

You can invest in an under construction commercial property for returns and when the possession is near you can reinvest that money in another under construction unit in the same company.

Residential investments currently do not allow the flexibility of returns, buybacks and re investments.

You can get in touch with me on : 6283060221 to discuss further if you are looking for an investment in a commercial or a residential property in Zirakpur or Mohali.

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