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Are you using youtube to shortlist properties ?

Youtube is a blessing. I use youtube for entertainment, education and reccreation.

To be honest I don’t remember the last time I watched TV, I even watch my news on Youtube.

In my blog post a few months ago I had stated that I will be starting a youtube channel and grow it by posting informational videos consistently.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to make the videos because of time constraints but I have made a youtube channel and I would like to request my readers to consider subscribing here: Subscribe to Flatooz Youtube Channel

Anyway, let’s come back to the blog.

Over the past few months I have noticed that more and more people shortlist projects based on the Youtube videos of the sample flat.

While there is no harm in using Youtube to shortlist properties I do have a few reservations that I want to share with my readers.

In my opinion, Youtube videos present only the good or the sales side of the story. I have written a detailed blog post on the difference between a sample flat vs an actual flat where in I raise the same point.

Do you,as a customer really want to make up your mind about a property based on youtube videos ?

I am not generalising but I really have met a few people recently who had pretty much made up their mind even before visiting the project.

Sample flat ?

Sample flats are wonderful but do not always present the whole picture. The builders spend insane amounts of money and efforts to make sure that their sample flat look and feel perfect.

Any experienced investor or an agent will tell you that a perfet home does not exists. Every project has its pros and cons.

It is our job as a user to not get swayed away by the perfect lighting and the interior decoration in the apartment.

Youtube videos more often than not are focused solely on the sample flats.

When you purchase a property you are not just buying a house but a lot of other things as well.


Every experienced real estate investor and Agent will tell you that one thing that you cannot change about your property is it’s location.

I am sure you have heard this before.

Youtube videos certainly do not give you enough information about the location. Especially so if you are an outstation customer and know virtually nothing about the area.

Custom settings

Youtube videos are made under controlled settings with perfect lighting and multiple retakes. These customer settings often present a rosy picture of the project and many gullible customers are taken in by the grandeur of the apartments.

It is important for the viewers to remember that this is not a real life setting.

Furnished Flats

Youtube videos always show flats that are fully furnished. While it is always good to get a feel of the apartment when it is full, the presenters in the video do not mention the furnishings that a customer will not get in the flat.

This often leads to unrealistic expectations.

I have written multiple blogs that will help the homebuyers to do the online research much better which will ultimately help them make the best decision regarding their purchase.

This quick guide for searching properties online is a good place to start


While youtube is a good place to start looking, it is definitely not wise to shortlist properties baased only on youtube.

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