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Analysing the top 5 locations for Home Buyers in Zirakpur

Zirakpur Location Crash Course for Home Buyers

Have you ever heard the phrase “Location is the most important aspect of buying a property”.

I have been in agreement with the above statement until recently.

A few days ago I realised that location is a highly subjective matter.

Everyone looks at a location with their own biases. Some like a developed area, some like a developing area, Some like their house to be closer to the highway and some like their house to be away from all the noise and the pollution.

Factors that decide the location preferences

Work & School location

The office location and the kid’s school is something that influences a lot of customer buying decisions. For example, a person working in the IT Park near MDC and staying in 20 peermuchalla will probably not prefer a location that is on Patiala or the high ground road.

Although if the school bus comes to a particular society, then this problem could be one that has an acceptable solution for some.

Shops and population around

Some people like to invest in a property that is ready now.

They do not want to wait for another five years to see the area develop.

Some people prefer a location where the daily needs shop are up and running, hospitals, schools etc. are all nearby. Some people like high density area where they can feel the hustle and bustle of the city.


Traffic on the highway is always a worrisome issue for some. Zirakpur is notorious for traffic jams, although it is clearly not as bad as some of the other cities I have lived in.

There are potentially two choke points in Zirakpur that cause the most trouble.

Some people do not mind it. They just feel used to it and have no troubles buying a property that has a traffic problem.

Future Development

Some people choose a property specifically because they are lookin at capital appreciation and future potential.

These are savvy investors and end users both who are not in a hurry to shift homes.

Such customers do not mind investing in under-construction properties on locations that may not be very easily accessible or very attractive right now but are slated to develop in the coming years.

View and open spaces/Greenery

Some people buy a property where they can get a great view from their apartments. This view could be of a park, National highway, green open spaces or fortunately Hills, since we are in Zirakpur.

Some people also like green open spaces surroundings. i know of many customers who have chosen a property in Haryana where there is atleast a 2 degree difference in temperature due to the greenery and wide open spaces.

Now that we know some major factors that make a location attractive for some let us talk about the 5 main locations in Zirakpur on which the majority of real estate projects are located.

Ambala Highway

Chandigarh- Ambala highway was one of the first areas to develop in Zirakpur.

The area is home to many iconic stores and buildings which are synonymous with Zirakpur. Decathlon store, Dhillon plaza, Burger king are all stores that people immediately identify with Zirakpur.

As a residential destination Ambala highway offers very good connectivity to Chandigarh, Ambala, Delhi, Shimla and Mohali.

All the major shopping malls and grocery stores are on this road.

Anyone who is looking for easy access and a developed area will like this area. The only negative on this road is that it is quite busy and traffic jams on a couple of points are sometimes bad.

Highground road

Highground road is another good area to live in Zirakpur.

This road is approximately 500 metres to 1000 metres away from the Patiala road Zirakpur and is home to many good quality residential societies.

Highground road would suit individuals who want to stay in a developed area with all daily needs amenities within a short distance and also want to live in a clean and peaceful area.

Airport road

Airport road Mohali/Zirakpur is one of the most desirable location for ustomers who are looking to buy a property on a highway with future potential.

There are many under construction projects on this road and a couple of almost ready to move projects which are selling at a brisk pace.

Apart from residential development, this road is also seeing a lot of commercial development.

A couple of big malls and eating destinations are coming on this road.


Dhakoli and Peermuchalla are ideal destinations for people from Shimla, solan, or for those who work in the IT sector at MDC or Haryana government offices in Panchkula.

Dhakoli and Peermuchalla are developed regions with good connectivity via the highway or old ambala road.

The new PR7 road is also not too far away and once complete will offer easy access to the whole Tricity.

Patiala Road

Patiala road is another major road of the area.

There are a couple of existing and a couple of new upcoming projects on this road.

A couple of commercial malls/high street markets are also coming up on this road.

The road stays quite busy and can be a bit of a downer for some especially the Patiala chowk on the highway.

This road criss crosses the Airport road and touches airport road within a 2 minute drive from the farthest end of Patiala road.


I hope this blog has given you some clarity on the location question.

Kindly feel free to get in touch with me if you are looking for a property in Zirakpur. I am sure I can add value to your house hunting experience.

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