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A quick guide to searching properties online

We all know how powerful the internet is. Don’t we?

Whenever I make a decision to purchase a product, the first thing I do is jump online and do a google search about it. Then I go through approximately 2 to 3 pages of search results and click on interesting looking links.

Similarly, when one decides to purchase real estate, which is arguably, one of the biggest purchasing decisions for 90 % of the people, the search starts with the internet and google to be more precise.


In this blog post, I will list some do’s and do not’s of online search while looking for a property. You can call these online SOP for searching properties.

Let’s start:

1. Do not believe everything you see: Trust but Verify

A few days ago I had written about the uncomfortable truths of the real estate industry.

People try all sorts of tricks online to lure customers. Some shady characters post fake pictures, fake reviews and fake details online.

This creates a false image in the eyes of the customer.

So the first rule of online behaviour is trust but verify.

2. Rates revise often so prices may not be the same

Real estate project rates revise often. On bigger real estate portals you will be able to find multiple rates for the same product. This could be attributed both to malice and laziness.

Once a property is listed some people do not update it when the price increases. So do not update because they are lazy and can’t be bothered, others don’t do it because they are expecting that lower prices will encourage people to leave their details on their listing.

Both are unethical.

3. Do not contact too many people

See, I wrote a blog about analysis paralysis in real estate a few days ago. I have found that this is the most common problem that affects buyers in the market.

The main reason for this is that people are too gullible and the more people they talk to the more they get confused.

Everyone in the real estate business will try to mould your thinking by telling you they are the best.

Choose who you contact very carefully. Once you leave your name and number on these bigger portals be rest assured your number will be sold to agents, builders and what not.

Your number will travel to multiple projects and agents. I have seen people drop their plans only because they were fed up of the calls that they received.

I have written a blog about it: Do you receive excessive calls from Real Estate ?

4. Do not make an impression based on youtube videos

Checking out youtube videos is a very good way of finding about new projects and the sample flats.

However, do not make an impression about a product merely on the basis of a single youtube video.

Reel maybe different from real in majority of the cases.

This is especially true in the case of outstation visitors. Sometimes they decide which product to visit based on shortlisting done on the basis of youtube videos.

Sample flat is a very tiny part of the whole buying decision.

On a related note i have written about Sample flat vs actual flat.

5. Check google reviews

Many people do not read google reviews of the products. In my view google reviews are one of the most authentic, democratic and useful tools for a buyer.

However, one needs to be able to identify a fake review from a genuine one.

All the above points in my view are a good starting point to start your online search about the properties.

If you have any feedback or suggestion do not hesitate to get in touch.

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