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A Funny Poem on Real Estate !

Real estate can be a tricky business, Full of ups and downs, it’s a game of risk. For buyers who wait, the price can go up, Leaving them wishing they’d filled their cup.

The market is hot, and inventory’s low, Buyers are waiting for the perfect window. But while they wait, the prices climb high, Making it harder for them to even try.

The agents all laugh, as they watch and they wait, Knowing that soon, the buyers will take the bait. Their tactics are sly, and their skills are sharp, They’ll reel them in, with just a small spark.

The buyers will come, with checkbooks in hand, Ready to buy, in this high-priced land. But they’ll pay the price, for waiting so long, Their wallets will feel, the agents’ strong song.

So if you’re a buyer, don’t wait too long, Or you might just find, that the price is all wrong. Act now and act fast, before it’s too late, And you’ll find the perfect home, at a price that’s great.