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7 Point Site Visit Checklist- An Easy Guide To Visiting Real Estate Projects In Zirakpur

What Normally Happens?

There are two types of site visits that happen in my experience.

The first one is where the customer has decided to purchase and is seriously looking at a purchase within the next 3 months.

The second type is where the customer has just started looking at projects and is not fixed on a particular time frame to finalize.

However, in both the cases I have observed that the majority of customers do not have a clear idea of what they are looking for in a product.

Many customers get fixated on non essential stuff like free A.C’s, accessories etc. while missing out on the really important stuff that needs to be discussed.

The importance of a site visit

Buying Real Estate is a costly proposition. Self Due diligence along with expert advice form the basis of a good investment.

A site visit is basically one’s way to judge what one has already seen on the internet.

Site visit will let you feel many things that no amount of video calls, pictures or brochures can do.

I have written a blog that you should read if you are looking to invest in Zirakkpur: 3 Most Important Rules for Investing in Zirakpur Real Estate-Expert Advice

I have a hypothesis that ideally you should visit a site thrice before finalizing a product.

Planning a site visit

It is very important to plan your site visit beforehand so that you can make the most out of the limited time.

You should keep in mind the following while planning a site visit:

  • Plan a route that allows you to visit the projects sequentially in your order of preference
  • Try to spend at least 40-50 minutes on each project on the first visit
  • Inform the sales person in advance that you would be visiting on a particular time
  • Carry an easy to eat meal that you can have in between destinations in your car (will help you save time)
  • Do not see more than 3 projects on a single day otherwise you will get thoroughly confused
  • Plan your visit on a weekday
  • Plan your visit during mornings and when Natural light is at best

Checklist When At The Site

1. Walk the entire site

If a project claims to be build on a 10 acre plot then I would suggest that you walk the entire length of the plot.

Of course many of you will find it ridiculous but trust me I speak from experience.

Walking around the project will give you a good idea of what the site will look like once complete.

2. Understand the routes and check google maps to see the distances from major destinations like school, malls, hospitals , office etc.

You could do it sitting at your house as well but if you do it from the actual site you will get exact details.

It is important to check this because ultimately travel is an inevitable part of one’s daily routine and distances and routes should be clear while making the decision to purchase a property.

3. Check the Master plan, Apartment plan, Rera Certifications

It is incumbent upon the customer to check the Rera certification of the builder.

There is nothing wrong in asking for the Rera certificate from a builder.

You should also study the master plan, apartment plan in detail and see if this matches your requirement.

To get more details about a particular project you can check out the Punjab RERA website:

4. Ask about the Construction Quality

Get pointed and precise information about the construction, Earthquake resistance.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Whether the construction is on bricks or blocks?
  • What steps have been taken to prevent dampness
  • Tiles Brand
  • Cement Brand
  • TMT Bars Brand (Saria), Primary or secondary?
  • Electricity wire brands
  • Kitchen Fittings
  • Wood being used for doors, windows etc.
  • Drainage pipes brand
  • Whether the possibility of cracks on walls is being addressed?
  • Other

5. Check Natural Light in the actual apartment

Plan your first visit in such a way that you are able to check the natural light in a project.

Natural light is important and Ideally I would choose an apartment with plenty of sunlight and ventilation.

Some may differ on this by saying that during the summers the apartment may get hot but I think summer situation is manageable but sunlight in your apartment either comes or not.

6. Number of flats vs the amenities

Consider the point that a small club house may not be enough for a housing project that has 400 units.

A gym that has only two machines may not be useful it is never free to use.

Discuss these with the sales person and ask if the facilities shown will be enough for the residents.

7. Phone Signals

Phone signals are a very important requirement for any individual, yet most of us forget this when we visit a project.

You will certainly not want to be in a situation where you would have to go out in the balcony whenever you get a call.

Getting your number ported to another network is a headache that you could avoid.

Of course having said this, If the property you are getting is totally worth it then phone signals should not be an issue that should be a deal breaker.


I consider it a professional obligation to state that quality products will come with a higher price tag.

You should try to understand the reason for the higher price tag and then consider if it is worth paying that extra amount for the aforementioned reason.

How Can I Help ?

I have been working in the Zirkpur real estate scene for quite some time now.

I have written a detailed blog post on Zirakpur for those who are from out of the city. This blog post will give you detailed information on Zirakpur and all the related aspects. You can read it here: About Zirakpur

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