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Keep a budget aside for these 7 Items for your new apartment

A majority of people prefer to buy new items when they come into a new house.

This is because a new apartment’s space determines the kind of furnishings that are to be bought.

In my previous blog post I have detailed the extra costs that typically accompany an apartment purchase.

These extra costs are more or less mandatory and not optional.

In this blog post I am going to mention some items that you will require when you move to a new apartment.

You can check the prices of these items from Amazon India to get a good estimate.

7 Items For a New Apartment

Electronic equipments

You would want atleast a couple of AC’s in your house in Zirakpur. In my earlier post I have detailed the essentials for every apartment in Zirakpur and AC and Heaters are required due to the weather in Zirakpur.

Also It is important to understand that in the new apartments nowdays only split AC’s provision is available.

Window AC’s are more or less becoming obsolete in terms of apartments.

Other electronic equipments that you would want in your apartment are a gas hob, chimney ( some builders provide a chimney), RO, Fans and Fridge, Washing machine.

All these items maybe most people have but for a first time home buyer it is a good to know list.


There is a local furnitiure market in Baltana where you can get reasonably priced furniture for your new apartment.

The new furniture will entail sofa beds, tables and dining tables. If you can get a picture of the design you are looking for than that design can be safely replicated here.

False Ceiling

Now false ceiling is another factor that gives an apartment a very posh look.

If you can afford you should definitely think of getting false ceiling done in your apartment.

Apart from the looks false ceiling also provides insulation from warm roofs above.

Mesh Doors

Mesh doors along with normal/aluminium doors are an excellent investment. You can keep the balcony doors open even at night with the mesh door installed.

This will help you enjoy the weather in all seasons without having to worry about insects.

A normal mesh door should cost you anywhere around 5 to 6 thousand rupees. (rough estimate)

TV Panels

TV panels look really nice and most sample flats will have a TV panel made of very nice wood installed in the rooms.

A normal TV panel can range anywhere from 8 thousand to 20 thousand depending upon the type and the detail.

These TV panels can easily be made by your local carpenter or your builder can get it made easily.


Lights play a very important role in making an apartment look beautiful.

You should definitely keep a budget aside for quality lighting in your apartment especially if you are getting a false ceiling.

There are multiple lighting options for an apartment and you should definitely explore good quality LED lighting for your new apartment.


If there is one thing I would most strongly recommend, It is to spend some money on Indoor and outdoor plants for your house.

The benefits of greenery in the house are multifold and it definitely gives a very good look to the house.

Many local nurseries can help you in making your home green.

I hope this list will help you prepare a budget for once you move in.

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