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6 months of blogging ! What’s next ?

6 Months of blogging

Namaste Ji !

This is Ankit, the owner and author of Flatooz- your friendly real estate blog.

Today I complete 6 months of regular blogging. This happens to be my 60th blog post as a matter of fact and I am really proud of my effort.

As I have mentioned earlier in one of my blogs, I write this blog as a part-time hobby and not as full-time work.

Maybe I will someday once I start earning some money through my blog until then I will just continue what I am doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me take you through my journey so far of writing this blog.

Why did I start a blog?

I started a blog as a hobby because real estate has always fascinated me. I have seen many successful people invest in real estate and grow even bigger.

I spend a lot of time online and outside of India there are many such blogs but in India and especially in chandigarh I could not find anything.

All I could find was big property websites that gave me half baked information and prices.

I was inundated with unwanted real estate calls from projects, agents etc.

I started a blog to educate the customers coming from outside so that they could rely on an honest and impartial view.

I have seen many people from outside getting ripped off due to shady agents etc. In any case, over 95% of the real estate deals in Tricity happen via brokers

I saw a gap that needed to be filled in the real estate market. I mean why not ?

6-month review of blogging.

The highlight of my blogging journey so far has been the consistency with which I have been able to blog. 10 blog posts a month with a busy schedule is not too bad.

Generally, the first 6 months of blogging are the toughest when you donโ€™t get much traffic.

I have been fortunate enough to receive very good quality organic traffic on my blog. The volume is not something that I am happy with but it will improve with time I am sure.

I have generated many organic leads during this time and I have helped many people get a home.

My business model is that of advertising but I have not started is yet. In the next six months I will start with ads on the blog to generate revenue.

Things that I wish could be better

It is really difficult to be a blogger in India.

Indian consumer is not very friendly when it comes to reading the blogs and appreciating posts.

My only regret during the past 6 months has been that the readers are reading the blog but not interacting with it.

Very few blog comments are something I would like to improve upon. Maybe it will improve with traffic.

The one thing that has been a blessing so far that I have received a great response to my newsletter.

A lot of people have signed up for my newsletter and I plan to send regular updates to my readers.

Youtube next?

Youtube is an extremely powerful medium.

Some say that text content is passe and video content is the next big thing. I do have a youtube channel but I have not yet explored itโ€™s full potential.

Maybe in some time I will start making videos and posting it on youtube.

Do me a favour and subscribe so that I receive some encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that many of my readers watch the sample flat videos on youtube and that I may have to shed my reluctance and get to it asap.

Thanks and Gratitude !

Lastly, I wish to thank my readers and customers who have contacted me. I promise I will try to keep writing good content and for those of you looking to buy a home I will get you the home of your dreams at a great price.

I have expressed my gratitude earlier and I take this opportunity to again express my gratitude to the readers and the gods.

Kindly continue supporting me. If you like my blog kindly share the content with your firneds and family, subcribe to my email and youtube channel and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

You can also commment on my blog posts to show your appreciation. I look forward to the next six months and much more of interaction with you lovely people.

Stay safe and healthy.

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