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5 Uncomfortable Truths of Zirakpur/Mohali Real Estate Industry

Customer is Always Right ?

We have all heard it and we all believe it until, we are on the other side of the table 🙂

Buying real estate is a very very important decision of one’s life.

I would go as far as to say that it is perhaps the second or the third most important decision of our life, Guess what’s the first one ?

Every individual has dreams and aspirations. Everyone wants to level up.

Buying a house provides him/her that opportunity. Most people invest their life savings into buying real estate.

I feel it is my duty to educate the reader, in a positive way, about things that happen in Zirakpur and Mohali Real Estate.

So let’s begin:

1. Only a very tiny percentage of real estate sales, both commercial and residential happen through direct sales. 

An overwhelming majority of sales happen through channel partners knowingly or unknowingly. 

Let me tell you how.

So you want to contact the project directly, right ? Who doesn’t? Well guess what almost every residential and commercial project has a fake website set up and almost 90% leads go to these fake websites.

Who sets up these websites?

Some channel partners or Property dealers use unfair and unethical means to gather leads by setting up false project websites.

Fake tele callers will tell you they are speaking from a developer’s sales team but in 9 out of 10 cases you are speaking to a property dealer or a member of his team.

In a rare case you manage to reach and visit the builder directly, The sales team at the builder’s will put your deal in one of their dealer friend’s kitty and share the spoils.

I am not saying that everyone in the industry engages in this practice but it is the norm and not the exception.

How to identify fake project websites?

It is very difficult for a normal customer to identify a fake website. However, I will write about some most common indicators of such websites

  • Fake websites will often have a web address that is a modification of the project name. It may include a – or a @ or name of the city attached to it. For example Mohali or ZRK or Zirakpur in the web address.
  • While most fake websites have a .in or a address some very sophisticated ones have a .com address as well.
  • Sometimes Email addresses will tell you if it is a fake website because many dealers put their original email on the page which is of course on the dealer’s company name
  • Majority of the google ads are fake websites promoted by or paid by dealers to gather leads through fake websites. There is nothing wrong in promoting one’s website through ads but the customer should be aware that they are in fact contacting a channel partner and not the project. Google displays an Ad sign before such paid content.
  • Websites or google ads that have the channel partner’s name in the web address are fine. (These websites are called micropages)

Fake telecallers.

Once you leave your details on the website fake tele callers will then call you to the site pretending to be a project’s staff.

What is the solution?

Avoid such unethical channel partners and instead choose people who are honest and upfront about what they do.

There are many reputed channel partners and property dealers in Zirakpur and Mohali who can help you with your queries and purchase.

I am a rera registered channel partner for multiple projects in these cities.

You can read about me here: About

You can get in touch with me at 7743011150.

If these fake website owners need to hide something at the beginning stages of the sales process just imagine what would they be doing later.

Also, Why should you as a consumer reward such unfair and unethical practices ?

Why do companies sell through channel partners or dealers ?

I am pretty sure you must be wondering why can’t builders sell by themselves and why does one need to go through a broker in most cases (knowingly or unknowingly)

Frankly, A few companies such as Sushma Group Zirakpur encourage sales through authorised channel partners because a channel partner acts as an affiliate or bridge between the builder and the customer thus making the sales easy.

Channel partners act as an extension of a builder’s sales team without the builder having to pay for their salaries unless a sale happens.

If not for the middlemen most sales won’t happen. Builder’s wont sell at the rates the customers demand. It is for the middlemen to find a common ground.

Every industry has it’s own share of middlemen or dealers or affiliates. Groceries, Farm products, Cars, Insurance, Electronics. EVERYTHING !

2. The Token Trap

If you are getting a product for a huge discount at one company you may or may not get the same discount at another.

Every company has its own  discounting policy and its own evaluation of a property’s worth.

Good quality products don’t come cheap.

If you want the top of the line product be prepared to pay the top buck for it. 

Unrealistic expectations of a discount will break the deal

Most salesman will lead you to believe that with a token any price is possible.

This, however, is not true. A deal will only be done when both parties feel the price is right.

True, a token helps in finalizing the rate but the buyer’s intent is the foremost thing in closing the deal.

3. Analysis Paralysis in Zirakpur and Mohali Real Estate is all too real

If you take too much time in making a decision or if you look at too many properties you will not be able to make a decision.

Decide the location, budget and time period of finalizing the property before you step out to search.

Once these are decided minor readjustments can be made at a later stage depending upon the projects.

If you start searching real estate without a plan, you are bound to get delayed due to confusion and analysis paralysis.

The rates will increase and you will ultimately end up paying more.

Speaking to multiple people for the same project will not help you.

It will only make your decision harder and more expensive. 

Choose an Expert and stick with him/her.

I believe 3 months is an ideal time period for searching a house in Zirakpur or Mohali and making a decision.

Do not start looking for a house if you still have six months to make a decision. 

The reason? Because you are not actively looking you will most probably not like anything or if you do like something you will not be able to purchase the property because you are not mentally ready to purchase it yet.

You will get disappointed or disheartened and walk away with a bad taste in your mouth.

4. Respect the Salesman

A sales man be it a real estate agent or be it a developer sales manager is doing his job and following up with you because he beleives he may be able to sell you his product after you showed your interest in it.

In my experience I have been lucky enough to have met good people who have always respected my work and my habit of clear communication.

Every once in a while however I meet customers who treat sales people in a very derogatory manner.

My request is to always be kind. If it is a no be polite yet firm. Drop the salesman a message that you are not interested.

Establish some ground rules in the beginning and feel free to draw the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not.

For example if you do not want to be called before 12 in the morning, let everyone you meet know that it is not desirable.

5. No product is perfect

You are a very person if you get a property that scores 10/10 on all your parameters.

Usually this is not the case and one has to leave one or the other thing in order to choose from the best options available.

For example it is very difficult to find an apartment that fulfills all the following conditions satisfactorily:

direction of the apartment, location of the society, price of the flat, corner unit, park facing unit, size of a particular portion of the house, ventilation, light, lifts, shops, parking etc.

So if you want to be happy, stop choosing a 10/10 property and instead choose a 9/10 or a 8/10 property.

Having said that things that are non negotiable in my view are:

  • Compliances and certifications
  • Safety
  • Construction quality
  • Loan approvals from government banks
  • Water, electricity, power backup and sewerage plant
  • Ventilation and pollution free environment

I hope you liked this blog post and if you did please share it with your friends.

I always write keeping in mind the usefulness of my blog to someone who is thinking of buying a house in Zirakpur or Mohali.

I hope this blog has served that purpose.

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  1. Dr Ravi Taneja

    Wonderfully explained dear Ankit.. Once again you make me feel confident about ur content. I hv gone through many ups and down while searching property there. Each n every word of ur blog, I feel connected..

    Keep on writing,,👍

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