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5 Essentials For Every Zirakpur Apartment

5 Essentials Every Zirakpur Apartment Needs

Zirakpur as you must be aware lies in the Mohali district of Punjab.

Every city has it’s own character and unique needs. For example, In 2016 I went to Mumbai during the monsoon season and believe me it rained continuously for two months.

For someone who has never seen something like it, I would have definitely planned better if I knew more about the monsoons in Mumbai.

Mohali and Zirakpur, I feel, have some special traits that one should prepare for while moving here.

For those who are new to the area may read my post on Zirakpur Lifestyle and attractions here.

Buying Real Estate in Zirakpur

Zirakpur and Mohali have a multitude of options if you are looking for a house.

You need a checklist and professional advice on real estate to help you succeed.

Once you have bought the apartment, I believe there are a few things that you should get that will help you prepare for Zirakpur’s vagaries better:


Since I am writing this post in December when the weather outside is a cold 4 degrees outside, Heaters are on the top of my list.

Zirakpur is quite close to Kasauli hills and it can get really chilly during the winters.

Sometimes Zirakpur/Chandigarh gets colder than Shimla. Can you Imagine ?

So I recommend that you buy a good oil heater for the winters. I have a 11 fin oil heater and it does a fine job of heating up the room in which it is placed.

You can take a look at my MADE IN INDIA Oil heater Here : Havells 11 Fin Oil Heater.

2. Wire Mesh Doors

Generally, most builders in Zirakpur do not provide mesh doors as a standard fitment for apartments.

The wire mesh doors help you to keep the wooden doors open during the summers. The cool breeze helps keep the room temperature down.

The wire mesh doors also keep out the mosquitoes while allowing the fresh air to pass for ventilation.

3. New Furniture

Many people who buy apartments in Zirakpur move from bigger homes back home to apartments which are much smaller in size.

After the initial shock if they do decide to move into an apartment, the biggest problem that they face is of the furniture.

The old style beds, Dewan boxes and almirahs are bulky and unsuitable for placement in an apartment so If you are moving into an apartment in Zirakpur 7 times out of 10 you will need new furniture.

Baltana Furniture Market Location
Baltana Furniture Market Location

Thankfully, Zirakpur has a great value for money furniture market at Baltana. Good variety, quality and affordable price make this market very popular.

4. 5 star rated electronic equipment

If you are new to living in Punjab, one thing that may bother you is that the electricity rates in punjab are the highest in the northern region.

Thus, It only makes sense for you to save as much electricity as possible.

Energy efficient 5 star rated electronic equipment are one way to save on some money.

5.Good quality Air conditioners and Power backup

It does get very hot in Zirakpur during the summers. You will be well served by buying a good quality AC that saves electricity and cools fast.

Power backup is another necessity because although Zirakpur does not experience very bad power cuts as it used to say 5 years ago, one or two hours cuts are a regular feature of a summer in Zirakpur.

Bonus Tip: Choose a lower floor and you may be able to get by with just a fan.

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