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10 Apartment advantages that you won’t get in an independent house

10 reasons why I prefer an apartment over an independent house

A lot of potential homeowners I speak to want to buy a piece of plot or buy an independent house.

In Punjab and the neighboring states, the concept of “apni chat” is still popular and a house usually means a Kothi even if it is small.

People are slowly adjusting to the apartment culture here since it is a relatively new concept. Mostly the young and the upwardly mobile have taken a fancy to the apartments but the older generation still prefers an independent house.

For those who are still deciding between a plot and a flat, I have written a blog that will help you in understanding the plot vs a flat debate.

I have lived in an independent house as well as high-rise apartments and I am of the opinion that apartment living is better compared to living in an independent house.

All of the readers may not agree with this statement but I think the advantages of living in an apartment outweigh living in an independent house.

Advantages of living in an apartment

1. No worries about the maintainence

If you are someone who likes fixing things and always has to keep himself busy in house repairs then an independent house is perfect for you.

If however you are like me and like to not spend too much time and energy on maintenance tasks then apartment living is good for you.

In an apartment, maintenance is taken care of by the maintenance team and one does not need to worry about these things.

2. Apartment living promotes minimalist habits

Apartments are smaller compared to houses and have space only for what is required and not what can be stored.

Minimalism may not be very practical for many Indian customers but I know of many young people who agree that minimalism is the way to go.

I remember my ancestral house was and still is full of things that were used at some time but have no use except an emotional value.

3. Apartment complexes provide a community feeling

I live at highland park zirakpur and I love the way the society celebrated the festivals. All the society members gather in the park and celebrate together.

Even in day-to-day life, one meets the society members at the gym, the clubhouse, or in the sports area or the park.

The community feeling is a big plus for me.

4. Apartments are easy to clean

Apartments have all the rooms on the same floor and are relatively easier to clean than an independent house.

This is important because oftentimes both husband and wife are working and only get one day for proper cleaning of the house, even if the maid comes every day.

Also, as a person ages, it is easier to maintain the apartment rather than a house that has multiple floors.

5. Apartment complexes offer much better amenities

I will list some amenities that one can enjoy in apartment complexes but not in an independent house.

  • Club house
  • Sports facilities
  • Lifts
  • 24 hours maintainence support
  • Indoor games
  • Parks
  • Kids play area
  • Gym
  • etc.

I love the fact that all the amenities and facilities that are normally not available to kids and residents in India are available in an apartment complex.

6. Safety and security are important benefits of living in an apartment

An apartment complex is a gated community that offers 2 to 3 tiers of security for its residents.

CCTV cameras, manned gates, security guards, etc. are some of the security features that one can get in society.

In an independent house, one cannot just lock their house and go away for a few days without worrying about the house back home.

7. Parking is taken care of

You and your guests get dedicated parking in an apartment complex. In the newer societies, the parking is all underground which is even better.

The parking area is designated so this takes out one of the most contested issues of parking space from our lives.

I have seen multiple ugly fights over parking spaces and am very thankful that I can now park my car without any worries.

8. Location

If you are looking to buy a house or an apartment in most towns in India I can say with some surety that you are most likely to find a better location of an apartment complex than of an independent plot (fresh).

Most of the independent plots and house spaces are not for sale in the main city and the location is more on the outskirts or near areas that are not considered safe.

Apartment complexes on the other hand are located in a better location and most times near major highways.

You can rest assured that a big society will bring development to an area.

9. The school buses and so on

I find that most school buses from not only Zirakpur but also from Chandigarh and Panchkula come to my society.

This would have been virtually impossible if I were staying in an independent house somewhere in the city.

I would have to most definitely get up early and drop my kid off somewhere on the bus route.

It is much convenient for me since now the bus comes to us and not the other way around.

10. Apartments are cheaper

The price of an apartment comes out cheaper as compared to a house when you consider all the costs.

In my view, apartments provide all the benefits of living in a community with top-class amenities and security at a cheaper price compared to an independent home.


While my choice of accommodation is pretty clear from this blog I hope the readers found some value in this blog.

If you want to share your views kindly write to me at or leave a comment below.