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A Comparison of the Top 3 BHK Low Rise Flats in Zirakpur

A comparison of low rise flats in zirakpur.

What does one mean by Low Rise flats in Zirakpur ?

An apartment is considered a low-rise when the height of the building is generally four floors or less.

There are multiple versions of low rise flats in Zirakpur.

Let me name a few:

  • Stilt plus 3: The building tower has 3 flats. The parking is covered and in the Stilt or the ground floor.
  • Stilt plus 4: Same as above but there 4 floors above the parking.
  • Ground plus 2: There is no parking at the ground floor Instead there is an apartment. 2 flats above the ground floor. Total 3 flats in one tower.
  • Ground plus 3: Same as above but there are 3 flats above the ground floor apartment. Parking is generally in front o the apartment.

Zirakpur and Mohali have multiple low rise options to choose from.

However, Low rise apartments are the one where one needs to be extra careful while choosing.

I will tell you the reason why but first lets see some differences between a high rise and a low rise building.

What is the difference between a low rise and a high rise ?apartment?

Both Low rise and High rise apartments have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are many differences apart from the obvious height and floor differences but I think it is important for the readers to understand these differences and choose the right sort of accommodation according to their own needs and taste.

Let me list down these differences between high-rise and low rise flats in Zirakpur and Mohali one by one.

Mind you I am writing specifically in the local context of Zirakpur and Mohali.


Generally, The high rise apartments occupy the most premium locations while most of the Low rise flats in Zirakpur are located what might be considered a not so premium location.

However, The exception to this rule is Sushma Valencia which is a low rise flats in Zirakpur with a fantastic location on the Airport Road Mohali.

You can read more about Sushma group here: Sushma Group Zirakpur

High rise apartments occupy the most premium locations such as the Ambala Chandigarh National highway or on Airport road because in a majority of the cases the prime piece of land is pretty expensive and a project makes financial sense for the builder only if a high rise is made on the land.


Low rise flats in Zirakpur are generally cheaper than high rise flats.

The reasons are multifold.

A low rise building is cheaper to make, offers fewer amenities than a high rise and has smaller size flats thus low rise flats are cheaper than the high rise flats.


A High rise building has to go through stricter safety checks than low rise apartments. This is so because the safety risks are higher in a taller building than a shorter one.

For example during an earthquake or during a fire being in a high rise is more dangerous than being in a low rise.

Having said that, most new high rise buildings go through rigorous safety checks and many builders in the Tricity now get their structural designs passed from prestigious institutes such as IIT’s.


If you want stunning views of the city as well as the mountains, choose a higher floor in a high rise in Zirakpur.

Whenever it rains in Zirakpur you can see the mountains from many high rise societies while the same is not available to the residents of low rise flats in Zirakpur.


Many stilt plus 3 or g plus 3 flats in Zirakpur do not provide lifts facility while every high rise flats has more than one lift to cut down on waiting time.

Many low rise flats that have 4 floors do provide lifts now. Examples include Sushma Valencia, Imperial apartments and Ananta Lifestyle.


Low rise flats do not have a dedicated park area in the project premises.

The exception, of course, is Sushma Valencia which has 3 large parks inside the project. Imperial and Ananta also have parks inside the projects.

A high rise apartment in ZIrakpur or Mohali has to mandatorily have green area in the form of a park. There are many projects that have left almost 70% of their total area for greenery.

Fear of heights

Not all people in this part of the country are accustomed to living in a high rise building.

This is especially true for the older generation.

Many people suffer from a fear of heights and thus choose a low rise society.


A low rise project generally offers lesser amenities as compared to a high rise project. For example amenities such as swimming pool, a lavish club house, jogging tracks, parks and guest parking is standard in a high rise but not available in majority of low rise apartments.


Maintenance cost can be a big factor for many people who are price sensitive.

Maintenance of Low rise flats in Zirakpur is lower than that of high rise flats.

For example, per square feet maintenance at a high-rise may cost you anywhere between 1.75 to 2 Rupeess per square feet whereas for a low rise this figure could be anywhere between 1 to 1.5 rupees per square feet.

This is so because the amenities at a low rise are less as mentioned earlier.


High rise flats offer better privacy than Low rise flats in Zirakpur.

The reason is that quite often in low rise flats the distance between two opposing towers is less and many low rise flats are built back to back.

A high rise however has plenty of distance between towers and also one apartment’s balcony does not faces another balcony.

Light & Ventilation

In high rise apartments, higher floors offer much better light and ventilation than a low rise or a lower floor in a high rise itself.

Similar is the case with the ventilation. In a good low rise project such as Sushma Valencia, however, these problems have been taken care of.


High rise apartments offer much more space than low rise apartments in Zirakpur.

It is quite rare to find a covered area of more than a 1000 square feet in a low rise apartment in Zirakpur.

Which are the best low rise flats in Zirakpur?

Here is a comparison of some good low rise flats in Zirakpur :

Imperial Ananta Elanza
Super Area1450 Sq. ft1440 Sq. ft1710 Sq. ft
Carpet Area1067 Sq. ftApprox. 950 Sq. ftApprox. 950 Sq. ft
Number of Floors434
ParkYesSmall park. Yes
LocationPeermuchalla, Zirakpurinside from PR 7 Roadinside from PR 7 Road
Starting Price529000057000006290000

Who generally buys a low rise apartment in Zirakpur?

In my experience, there are three reasons that people cite to buy low rise flats;

  1. Fear of heights
  2. Price conscious or affordable housing
  3. Low density in low rises
  4. Covered parking
  5. Land share

What does the customer need to keep in mind while buying low rise flats in Zirakpur?

Things to check before buying Low rise flats in Zirakpur
Things to check before buying Low rise flats in Zirakpur

While low rise apartments are great to live in and offer great value for money, It is also the category in which many unauthorised constructions have mushroomed.

One needs to be very careful in selecting a low rise flats in Zirakpur.

Here is a list that can help you avoid bad low rise projects:

  1. Choose a brand and not local builders: Brands have much more to lose in case of regulatory action than mere local builders.
  2. Always Check RERA website before you consider a project: You can search a particular project on the Punjab RERA website and find if a particular project is registered along with other details. This is highly recommended. You can also ask the builder for a copy of the RERA certificate
  3. Always check the construction quality: A bad project will always cut corners and the construction quality will invariably suffer. Pay a little extra but never compromise on construction quality.
  4. If a higher floor is your preference, choose a low rise with lifts: After the initial few months, the need for a lift is always felt. It is advisable that one considers a project with a lift to avoid regret.
  5. Always ask for the exact carpet area: Many times customers are misled about the carpet area. Make sure you know what you are buying.
  6. Talk to an expert: A good real estate expert can guide you towards a safe and good investment. I have written a post that decodes the role of a good property dealer in Zirakpur. You can read it here: The Role of a Property dealer in Zirakpur

I also offer a price guarantee on any reputed Real Estate Product in Zirakpur. Read to know how I can offer the lowest price on property in Mohali or Zirakpur.

I have written some other posts that might interest you if you are looking to invest in Zirakpur or Mohali:

My recommendations for the best low rise flats in Zirakpur

  1. Sushma Valencia: Part of Sushma downtown, a massive GMADA approved township in the heart of Zirakpur, This project is nearing possession
  2. Sushma Belleza: This project is a gold class luxury project where both low rise and high rise options are available. The prices for these apartments start from over 1. 3 crore

You can book a site visit at any of these places by filling up the form below.

You can get in touch with me on : 6283060221

I hope you enjoyed this detailed post on low rise flats in Zirakpur, If you did please Share this post with your friends who may benefit from this information.

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